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Recording the History
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 Site Manager:
 Vanessa Lynch
 PO Box 1459
 Alice Springs NT 0871
 PN: 08 89550094
 FX: 08 89551158

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Info' needed to add

1. All documents are to be certified as a copy of the original and forwarded to the contact postal address to be added to the site.

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Divorce certificates
  4. Death certificates

2. Contact details of the person to be added.

  1. Email if available – this will be on the web site for family members to contact
  2. Postal address – this will be on the web site unless otherwise requested.
  3. Contact phone number – this number will not be put onto the site. Family members will have to contact the site manager (me) to obtain any phone numbers of family.

3. Personal history

  1. Schooling – what schools attended
  2. Education – what education was achieved – degrees or trades
  3. Living – where you have lived during your life (towns only)
  4. Jobs – that you have held and where.

4. Medical history

  1. History of medical problems
  2. Operations that you have had
  3. Allergies you may have (hayfever, asthma, medicines or food related)
  4. Genetic inherited problems (colour blindness etc).

5. Family details

  1. Your granparents
  2. Your parents
  3. Your siblings
  4. Your off spring.

6. Photos

  1. Early photos –baby
  2. Middle age – teenage years approx.
  3. Old age – your elderly years
  4. Who you most resemble – look like.

7. Family memories

  1. Memories you have of your family (parents, siblings, cousins etc) and things that you have done. These could be funny or sad or everyday memories.


Info' needed to amend

1. Any documents that may need amending, you will need to forward a certified copy of the original to the site manager. These may be:

  1. Change of name deed
  2. Birth certificates
  3. Marriage certificates
  4. Divorce certificates
  5. Death certificates.

2. Other details do not need certificates

  1. Contact details
  2. Personal history
  3. Medical history
  4. Family history
  5. Photos
  6. Family memories.


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